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Catalyst's Machine-to-Machine/ Internet of Things (M2M/ IOT) is the hallmark of excellence in providing solutions. Our M2M/ IOT organization has evolved to provide various sensor and chip based solutions. These solutions leverage Catalyst’s Data Center infrastructure to provide:

  • End-to-End M2M/ IOT solutions, which can sense data from any physical system, like an auto-mechanical device that synthesizes input & feeds it into a Microcontroller/ RFID/ QR Code for the desired output.
  • Customized Solutions in the following industries: Automotive Automation, Industrial Automation, Wireless communication, Manufacturing, Logistics & Transportation, Healthcare, Mining, Security, Aerospace & Defense, Oil & Gas and Education.
Catalyst's M2M/ IOT strength lies in the ability to anticipate market trends & evolve various engineering methodologies to deliver robust, scalable, cost-effective and integrated wired/wireless smart solutions.
Our strength also lies in integrating legacy systems with contemporary and future-looking, cutting-edge technologies. We have customized, modern, innovative, and technologically advanced hardware and software, Micro-controller based solutions that easily address technical issues and complications at the consumer’s end. This allows you to seamlessly integrate your entire spectrum of work under one dedicated, intelligent solution.
Catalyst engineers using principles of Applied Sciences and having experience in Oil & Gas, Automotive, Electrical, Logistics, Manufacturing and Mining work in our Research & Development Lab to provide the customized solutions based on your requirements.
Catalyst’s M2M/ IOT portfolio includes several customizable products, solutions, and services:

  • Intelligent Automatic Tank Guage Solution:Catalyst’s Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) solution is the perfect choice for efficient management of product level measurement in Bulk Storage Tanks. Catalyst offers a microprocessor controlled Servo Gauge based product level measurement system which offers a Level accuracy of ± 1 mm & Sensitivity of ± 0.1 mm. Catalyst is continuously working towards pioneering in inventory tank gauging instrumentation and fuel management systems, thus setting up new milestones by introducing innovative integrated automation solutions.

The Prime Objectives of Catalyst's ATG Solution are:


  1. To monitor and measure Continuous Product Level, Water Level,      Product Density, Interface Level, Average Temperature, Flow Rate in Bulk Storage Tanks.
  2. To facilitate user by providing Intelligent GUI based Data analysis &      Acquisition Software (TFMS - Tank Farm Management Software) for    onsite Monitoring.
  3. To provide a GSM/GPRS based wireless system for Remote Monitoring       via SMS/Web.
  4. Automatic Report, Trend Generation & Alarm System for individual/collective Tanks.
  5. Prompt intimation on mobiles in case of product level goes High or Low, for any product transfers.
  6. To offer cost effective optimal solution with an overall 30% ROI on case to case basis.


  • Remote fuel level monitoring solutions for DG sets: An intelligent system capable of smart sensing and real-time monitoring of on-site fuel level information in tanks located at multiple locations. The system provides both local and remote alerts for fuel level, fuel theft and fuel tampering.
  • Smart Power Load Distribution Systems: An efficient energy management product that performs smart monitoring of load current for a predetermined time, and automatically shuts down load supply in case of current exceeding maximum rating. Once load reduces, supply is automatically reinstated.

  • Vehicle Tracking/Fleet Management Systems:Catalyst is an industry specialist in providing Total Tracking Solutions with the help of Survey and Mapping, Image processing, remote sensing and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Our integrated solutions cover Fleet management, Dispatch management, Navigation, Tracking and Lease.
  • Digital Signage: Catalyst's Digital Signage solution provides video content, advertisements, and/or customized messages displayed on LCD/LED screens, monitors in both public and private environments, including retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings, amongst other locations. We also provide comprehensive engineered solutions for: production monitoring systems, LED moving message display boards, digital clocks, and on displays, multiline display boards, scrolling display boards, token display boards, LED down-time counters, LED uptime counters, LED fixed board, LED static board, led running board, etc. Keyboard/GUI interface is being provided to feed the data in the micro-controller-based LED boards.

  • Bi-Fuel Management Systems (EMS): Catalyst’s Bi-fuel Management System imple­ments an intelligent control system for gas fuel injection that takes all controls from ECU, drives the injectors and monitors all necessary timings for the system. A front-end, PC based software is also offered for manipu­lation of injector settings, thus encompassing high-end features through which a user can change over from Petrol mode to Gas mode & vice-versa.

  • Water Level Management System: Catalyst WLMS is a capable of providing highly accurate water level information of any reservoir/tank. With its inbuilt functionality data can be transmitted wirelessly to any remote unit PC (for monitoring)/Server (for generating logs). This data can be utilized for 24X7 real time monitoring of various parameters and generating reports with real time alerts for maintaining effective usage and supply of water.
  • Video Surveillance: Using Digital IP based Surveillance system users can access Images/Real time video of the desired location from any authorize computer anywhere. Remote Zoom/tilt/digital pan, adjustable Camera's angle of view facilitates easy viewing along with Thermal imaging to provide high quality images in dark or night.
  • Android Industrial application: Android Software based Industrial application provides customized, secure and reliable data recording facility along with authentication access. Data can be saved and later transferred to PC for report generation/e-mail to senior management. 
  • Oil Truck Tanker Theft Control: Catalyst's Oil Tanker theft control provides real time tracking of truck location as well as monitoring of fuel level along with VTS reports. System checks the point of fuel loading/uploading/draining of fuel and sends intimation to user in case of fraud/theft. 

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Intelligent Automatic Tank Guage Solution


Remote fuel level monitoring solutions for DG sets


Smart Power Load Distribution Systems


Vehicle Tracking/Fleet Management Systems


Digital Signage


Bi-Fuel Management Systems (EMS)


Water Level Management System


Video Surveillance


Android Industrial application


Oil Truck Tanker Theft Control



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