cyber security

Protecting Server & Application Workloads


Catalyst / Virsec delivers Application-Aware Server Workload Protection!


Protects server workloads from known and unknown threats

  • Anywhere : on-prem, public/private cloud, hybrid, container

  • Anything : custom, legacy, COTS and air gapped applications

  • Anytime : deploys in minutes, protects continuously in real-time


Unique Differentiation :

  • No Signatures, No Tuning, No Noise from false alerts

  • Zero Dwell Time : stops attacks instantly at the first step

  • Full-Stack Runtime Protection : protect web, processes, memory, libraries, files, hosts

Brand Promises :

  • App Server Protection Anywhere, for Anything  at Anytime

  • Three Zero Promise: Zero Tuning, Zero Noise and Zero Dwell time


Balbix - Automate your Cyber Security Posture

Automated workflows to improve overall cyber security posture!

  • Asset Inventory

  • Keep Systems Patched

  • Identify and Fix Other Risk Items

  • Assess & Report Breach Risk

  • Review and Tune Controls

  • Detect & Contain Intrusions

Continuous analysis of cyber security posture to provide mitigation of risk helps you to : 

  • 100x more accurate visibility

  • 10x less human effort

  • 95% reduction in breach risk

  • Save $1-100M each year


Catalyst cyber security services

Our offering involves multidisciplinary expertise materialised by three complementary departments allowing to address cyber security in a global and qualitative approach.


Our services include ethical hacking right through to training and awareness-raising

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