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Cyber Security Services

Audit : offensive security & ethical hacking

The Offensive Security department brings together all the technical and non-technical hacking skills needed to carry out security assessments and tests. The ethical hackers working in this unit focus on exploiting the technical, human, organisational and physical flaws and vulnerabilities of information systems.

Protection : cyber protection

The Cyber Protection department is made up of security engineers who advise and support our clients at the strategic and operational levels, in the technical, organisational and physical fields. This unit enables us to implement a process of continuous improvement and to raise the level of security of the organisations that call on us, but also to support the functions of CISO and DPO within them.

Training : training & awareness raising

The Training and Awareness department imagines, designs, builds and runs educational programmes for both novice and experienced audiences.

The speakers are experts in their field, selected and qualified by us, with significant practical experience. The content is co-constructed and continuously enriched in conjunction with the Offensive Security and Cyber Protection departments. The team is animated through various events for reflection and knowledge sharing.


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Cyber Security Services
Audit/Health Check

Audit / Health check

Not getting the most out of your current IT and Systems setup?

Over 50% of the clients engage Catalyst for conducting their IT, Applications and Infrastructure audits.

We review client's existing Applications, Middleware, Database, Data Center or Network solution and provide recommendations on how to optimize over the coming months or years. Catalyst has successfully completed several projects since 2002.

Catalyst's proven track record in elaborating project roadmap, improving existing solutions and employing local expert teams coupled with our support/training infrastructure, makes us a desirable choice for many clients.These projects are usually followed by the execution of the roadmap, which the clients usually award to us.

We suggest filling gaps, improving existing solutions, or designing a roadmap for a new and better solution. Catalyst can help you execute the plans in a phased manner, within your budget or engage an advisor to designed a customized plan.

Latest project in this domain: Data Center Audit at BEAC and GIMAC in Yaounde

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Are your applications giving you intelligent, meaningful and timely reports on the move?

Catalyst provides implementation, or re-implementation, for our entire service portfolio, including business applications & technology, data centers, and Machine-to-Machine/ Internet of Things.

Our global Program Management Organization (PMO) ensures the highest implementation quality by:

  • Tracking progress, removes barriers and engages appropriate resources—every project, every week, worldwide

  • Adapting Agile and Oracle OUM methodologies to Africa and ME markets

  • Acting as a central point of sales, presales, delivery & operations

  • Using Catalyst’s proprietary CIS system to efficiently monitor each project milestone

Our PMO and implementation experience lowers your costs, operates under best business practices and timeliness, avoids unpleasant surprises, and involves vendor quality assurance teams.


Latest project in this domain: Oracle E-Business Suite HCM at BEAC, Cameroon and Oracle E-Business Suite Finance, SCM, EAM at GTG, Algeria



Still waiting for your providers call back?


For Applications and Technology support, Catalyst offers:


  • Standard and Flexible SLA combining on site, nearshore and offshore assistance

  • References in providing global and local support in Africa. 

  • Expertise on Applications, Platform and Infrastructure

  • Single ticketing system with priority assignment feature

  • 24X7 Support

  • Provision of Infrastructure As A Service (Oracle IaaS and other)

  • Support in French, Arabic and English

  • Competitive Cost

  • “Free” advise for system enhancement from time to time in terms of upgrade of Hardware, Middleware, Application, Database and Security


For Data Center Support, the “Basic Support pack” is free of charge. This entails 24x7x 365 port monitoring, ISP monitoring and Infrastructure monitoring.

A Typical Support Team will include:

  • Network Engineer

  • Systems Engineer

  • DBA

  • Network Security Engineer

Latest project in this domain: support project at BCRG, Conakry, Guinea; ADM and MedZ, Morocco; GTG, Algeria; MTN Nigeria

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Still running unsupported/older versions? Is cost & disruption a challenge?


Catalyst upgrades your IT systems and applications in the most cost effective manner with minimal or no business disruption. Catalyst’s clients can use its cloud based servers to minimize new investments while maintaining the operations & uptime during an upgrade.


Catalyst offers Oracle Applications and Technologies Migration services. Our migration services follow Oracle Migration methodologies. In particular, we support Oracle E-Business Suite clients willing to migrate from 11i to 12. Several large clients having operations in multiple countries have leveraged Catalyst’s multilingual team to upgrade their systems & applications.

Consequently, Catalyst strongly recommends end users to upgrade to either E-Business Suite R12 or Fusion Cloud as soon as possible.

To help you execute with success, Catalyst provides the following assets:

Catalyst has strong experience in preparing (Audit, Health Check, Roadmap) and executing E-Business Suite Upgrade and Re-Implementation projects from to 11i, from 11i or R12 to R12 latest version or Fusion Cloud.


Move to Oracle IaaS:

  1. Migrate Oracle EBS from On Premise to Cloud. Lift and shift is tool but this is Offline Mode. We  can use Zero downtime Mode using dataguard to Migrate EBS to Cloud.

  2. Migrate Database, Applications running on premise to the Cloud

  3. Migrate from Sun Solaris Sparc /AIX/ IBM to Linux Platform on the Cloud

  4. Cloud Storage can also be used as Archive storage solution.


A few benefits of Oracle IaaS:

  1. Pricing is very competitive compared to other Cloud Hosting

  2. Single Vendor Support for Oracle EBS / Cloud

  3. Infrastructure and Database Costs savings. Local Infrastructure need to be managed and maintained daily for  failure and maintenance.

  4. Cloud provides Site to site VPN, so you can connect Cloud Server using Local IP directly

  5. If you want to keep a DR site for Database, then we can use Site to site VPN to Sync Dataguard.

  6. Cloud Server has 2 Tier storage replication, so there won’t be any Data Loss

  7. Data Security is not an issue while running Oracle EBS or Database in the Cloud. Security feature can be implemented on Oracle EBS and Database using vault to secure Database Access.

  8. Cloud Operating System can only access by SSH Authentication key or login password. Oracle Cloud Vendor does not have any direct or indirect access to service or operating system.

Teacher Assisting a Student


With educational courses, Catalyst can help increase your overall system performance and usage of applications.


We offer comprehensive training services to help executives, managers, and end users make the most of new technology. We help you select the appropriate courses, based on your job role or product focus, and provide you with the skills and training you need.


With Catalyst, you have an easier transition, a quicker return on your technology investment, and a successful product implementation.


Catalyst offers Education courses for its three main Portfolio Solutions:

  • Business Applications, Middleware

  • Database (i.e.: Oracle) Data Center/ Cloud Computing

  • Machine-to-Machine/ Internet of Things


Key Facts:

  • Catalyst has four (4) education centers in Senegal, Cameroon, Egypt, and Dubai.

  • Catalyst is an Oracle Approved Education Center(OAEC) and Oracle Approved Education Reseller (OAER) in Middle East and Africa.

  • Catalyst provides training services to Oracle partners through the Oracle Partner Enablement Program.

  • Catalyst instructors are certified and have both implementation and training experience. You receive high quality training that meets or exceeds international standards.


We offer courses in:

  • Business Applications, Middleware, and Database - Catalyst’s courses help you make the most of new Oracle technology at competitive prices. We also offer e-learning software solutions to meet your organization’s specific needs.

  • Data Center and Cloud Computer - Unlike other institutes, we provide practical, on-site classroom training in a live data center to give our students a real-life scenarios and operations.

  • Machine-to-Machine/ Internet of Things - Catalyst will take you from the analog world to the digital world. This industry training complements college students’ theoretical knowledge with much needed practical exposure to design, implement, integrate, and test software for modern Java embedded systems used by systems designers.
    Participants gain experience with live M2M/ IOT projects in the field of Oil & Gas, Transportation, Automotive Automation, Industrial Automation and Wireless Communication - all under the guidance of professional trainers.

Latest project in this domain: training on Oracle technology at BCEAO in Dakar, Senegal

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