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ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

Quite literally power at your fingertips!

We resell and implement Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Fusion Cloud, NetSuite to cover all back-office functions:​

  • Financials

  • Procurement

  • Inventory

  • Sales

  • Maintenance

  • Projects

  • Properties

  • Risks

  • Etc.

We are an Oracle Platinum Partner and an Oracle Approved Education Center (OAEC).


HCM - Human Capital Management

Managing your organisations most important resource doesn’t have to be a burden.

Our tailormade HCM Solution caters for integrated applications within our Oracle Fusion Cloud and E-Business Suite offering designed to help you manage and maintain your workforce with ease, efficiency and immediacy.

Our SaaS delivery for SMB, Midsize and Enterprise sized companies comprises of:

  • Global Human Resources Cloud

  • Talent Management Cloud

  • Workforce Rewards Cloud

  • Workforce Management Cloud

  • HCM Cloud for Midsize

  • Work Life Solution

We help your HR department achieve its goals and objectives through improved productivity and efficiency. 

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EPM - Enterprise Performance Management

Better than clairvoyance, business intelligence!

EPM software complements ERP by helping you analyse, understand and report on your business to reach performance goals, enhance efficiency and maximize business processes with the overall objective of improving business performance.

Whether you are the CFO or in the departments of finance, HR, sales, marketing, IT, etc. EPM is the go-to software for operational planning, budgeting, and reporting.

We offer EPM Solutions for all industries through the following set of products:

  • Oracle PBCS

  • Oracle PCMCS  

  • Hyperion Planning

  • Complete Financial Close

  • Narrative Reporting

  • Enterprise Data Management


For businesses seeking to lower both their operational expenses (OpEx) and capital expenses (CapEx), we also offer a SaaS delivery model for Enterprise Performance Management - EPM Cloud! Ensuring you flexibility as well as scalability!

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CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management software is an integral component of all organisations.

This well-established industry standard is the driving force of your strategy to efficiently manage your business’s relations and interactions with both existing and potential customers.

Allow your business to stand out from the competition by delivering legendary experiences to your customers. Connect the customer journey and accelerate transformation with the help of Oracle CX. Oracle’s CX platform helps you prioritize innovation. As the experts in CX technology and cloud IT, Oracle has developed practical artificial intelligence (AI) technology that’s embedded in your CX applications.

Some benefits:

  • Better client relationships first and foremost

  • Improved Customer Service

  • Improved Analytical Data and Reporting

  • Overall improved efficiency across departments

  • Automated Daily Tasks

Build a successful business around your valued customers!

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IoT - Internet of Things


IoT, bordering technological disruption? 

Consumer, Commercial and Industrial IoT is rapidly growing to fulfil its purpose of enabling rich communication between people as well as providing online access to real-time data and processes. This extension of an Internet connectivity into the physical realm from mechanical devices to objects as well as animals or even people has created a world of possibilities for the private and public sector alike.

We offer you a plethora of solutions for all industries:


Oil and Gas:

  • Automatic Tank Gauge Solution (ATG) for Oil Refinery & Oil Depots

  • ATG Solution for Telecommunication

  • ATG Solution for Gas Stations


  • Fleet Management System

  • Tanker Truck GPS Solution 

  • Vehicle Telematics

  • Container Tracking

  • Asset Tracking


  • Retrofit Electrical Meters 

  • Load distribution System

  • Automatic Billing and inventory System


  • Beacon Monitoring System

  • ATG for Aviation Fuel Depots

  • RFID based Flight Precheck Solution


  • End to end solution from Smart meters to customer care and billing application

  • Flow and pressure metering to detect incidents in real time

  • Automatic Water Tank Gauge to detect incidents in real time


  • BTS Site supervision

  • Vehicle Tracking

Industrial Parks:

  • End to end solution from Electricity Smart meters to customer care and billing application

  • Vehicle Tracking

  • Waste management


including Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing OEM solutions and more


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