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vertical solutions for your industry

Central Banks, Financial Services

From ongoing regulation to ever changing market dynamics​, it is imperative that financial services institutions go through a digital transformation. We have enabled banking innovation throughout Africa using an extensive set of solutions for the following:

  • ERP

  • HCM

  • EPM

  • Vault Management

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Professional training solutions by professionals ​

  • Catalyst IoT Training Kits (example)

  • Oracle Student Cloud

As an Oracle Approved Education Center be sure to look at our Education Services offering

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High-quality patient care at the heart of a solution with all the benefits of digital transformation

  • Sisoft Healthcare Information System

  • Oracle HIS - Oracle Hospital Information System (success story)

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Smart City

Develop, implement, and monitor your smart city transformation roadmap​

Everything from monitoring project performance in real time to managing city facilities and infrastructure​.

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Smart City

Oil and Gas

Powering the future with data!

  • Automatic Tank Gauge Solution (ATG) for Oil Refinery & Oil Depots

  • ATG Solution for Telecommunication

  • ATG Solution for Gas Stations

  • Asset Monitoring IoT

  • Cash Call for Upstream

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Oil and Gas

Police & Defense

​Operating with clarity on a daily basis is vital for key organisations. We offer these solutions for the police force:  

  • Siebel Case Management

  • Big Data

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Tax, Pension, Social Security

Now Matters!​

Driven by our commitment and vision, Catalyst as an Oracle Cloud Platinum Partner, has successfully made digital transformation a reality for numerous public sector Ministries, Departments, Agencies and parastatal companies over the last decade. 

  • Oracle PSRM - Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management

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Tax, Pension, Social Security


Innovative Communications Solutions for all areas of your comm centric digital transformation:


  • POS

  • Mobile Money​

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Transport: Ports, Airports, etc.

On Time and On Track! Get the best results with these industry centric solutions

  • Catalyst BESC - Bordereau Electronique de Suivi des Cargaisons (success story)

  • Catalyst BESC Guinea portal : see more

  • Port Operating System (POS)

  • Port Community System (PCS)

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and more

And more solutions!

We deliver the best tailor-made cross-industry solutions for you by integrating the latest technology and services.

Dedicated to facilitating you with the optimum means to streamline your financial and business processes whilst providing you with a deeper visibility for robust decision making. Our comprehensive solutions will help protect your investments.

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