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  • Electronic Cargo Tracking Note | Catalyst

    Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) Bordereau Electronique de Suivi Cargaisons (BESC) ECTN Strong of its skills and experiences, Catalyst has officially been granted the exclusive mandate for the ECTN procedure for the CGC in Guinea and CNC-GB in Guinea-Bissau. The Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN or CEE) in Guinea and Guinea-Bissau, also known as Bordereau Electronique de Suivi Cargaisons (BESC / CEE), is an official marine document that contains information relating to the cargo and its movement for customs clearance between ports. In monitoring the maritime cargoes and controlling their transport costs, a unified ECTN / BESC / CEE Control System has been set up, the management of which has been granted exclusively to Catalyst Business Solutions. ​ Access portals here ​ + Guinea + Guinea-Bissau + Contact - U s Record and Submission Sign-in needs two documents and numbers related : RCCM and NIF (Trade Register and number + Tax Id document). If the same, upload it twice 4 documents are mandatory : Bill of Lading / Export declaration(s)/ Commercial invoice(s) / Freight fee(s) Invoice (if freight is already on the commercial invoice : load the commercial invoice twice) Delay delivery : 24 hours after submission One mail for each step (sign in under process; sign in OK with Id and password; after submission and after validation): no mail means the step did not run properly, meaning "try again" or "wrong email address" ​ General Information Catalyst is the only company (exclusive mandate) that can provide the official ECTN document for Customs clearance. All ECTN delivered by another company will not be taken into account by Customs ECTN document delivery is free ECTN is applied for validation from the loading port (abroad) before commodities are loaded for being carried and at least two days (to be confirmed) before shipment All Bill of Lading (B/L) is supposed to have their own ECTN CGC's presentation of the implementation of ECTN : view here Legal documentation : view here ​ ​ Contact us for more information on this solution Guinea Email : Whatsapp Num : +224 629 47 69 69 ​ Guinea-Bissau Email : ​Whatsapp Num : +224 629 47 69 69 ​ ECTN Contact info CONTACT US

  • Industries | Catalyst

    your industry Our primary objective is to help our clients around the world innovate and optimize their business. ​Catalyst has a broad international customer base that incorporates many industries – from manufacturing to telecommunications, chemicals to media. Catalyst clients operate in countries such as the US, Senegal, Gambia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Gabon, Congo, Kenya, Mauritius, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Dubai, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, India and Vietnam. Hereunder some of our clients. TELECOM Algerie Telecom Mauritius Telecom MTN Orange Telecom Egypt UTILITIES OIL & GAS EDM SA Egyptian LNG Elton Oil Energya Ind. Timimoun (Sonatrach) PUBLIC SECTOR ACEP Cameroun S.A. Africa Reinsurance Afriland First Bank Al Baraka Bank B.S.I.C. FINANCIAL SERVICES Abu Dhabi Ali Bin Ali Group ARTP, Senegal BEAC City of Atlanta PUBLIC SECTOR TRANSPORTATION Air Senegal International ASECNA Dubai Port World Egypt Air Indian Railways MANUFACTURING, RETAIL, SCM, REAL ESTATE AND MORE ADCI Al Ghurair Group ATS CityStars EMAAR Three ways we can do the same for you ... Powerful - Solutions + Expert - Services + Contact - U s +


    Top of Page Cyber Security Audit Cyber Protection Cyber Security Training Cyber Security Solutions Our cyber security services Cyber Security Audit Audit : offensive security & ethical hacking The Offensive Security department brings together all the technical and non-technical hacking skills needed to carry out security assessments and tests. The ethical hackers working in this unit focus on exploiting the technical, human, organisational and physical flaws and vulnerabilities of information systems. find out more Protection : cyber protection The Cyber Protection department is made up of security engineers who advise and support our clients at the strategic and operational levels, in the technical, organisational and physical fields. This unit enables us to implement a process of continuous improvement and to raise the level of security of the organisations that call on us, but also to support the functions of CISO and DPO within them. ​ find out more Cyber Protection Training : training & awareness raising The Training and Awareness department imagines, designs, builds and runs educational programmes for both novice and experienced audiences. The speakers are experts in their field, selected and qualified by us, with significant practical experience. The content is co-constructed and continuously enriched in conjunction with the Offensive Security and Cyber Protection departments. The team is animated through various events for reflection and knowledge sharing. ​ find out more Cyber Security Training Catalyst wins Enterprise Security Solution Provider of the Year! Learn More Cyber Security Solutions


    Business Apps Services Implementation Support Upgrade Education Business Apps Solutions Audit/Health Check Our business applications services Business Apps Services We offer a complete set of bespoke services ​Catalyst is passionate about efficiency. We constantly strive to advise and implement the latest game changing strategies required for you to be at the forefront of your industry. Our vast range of services will help drive your success in a constantly evolving technological world. Audit/Health Check Diagnostic, Audit, Healthcheck We review the client's existing Applications, Middleware, Database, and Security Operation Center (SOC) solution and provide recommendations on how to optimize. ​ Catalyst's proven track record in elaborating Business Applications or Cybersecurity roadmap, improving existing solutions, and employing local expert teams coupled with our support/training infrastructure, makes us a desirable choice for many clients. ​ Latest Projects: Cybersecurity Audit for a major port in Africa Oracle E-Business Suite Audit and Roadmap Elaboration for Africa Re in Africa Data Center Audit at BEAC and GIMAC in Cameroon find out more Implementation Catalyst provides implementation, or re-implementation, for our entire service portfolio, including Business Applications and Cybersecurity. ​ Our global Program Management Organization (PMO) ensures the highest implementation quality by: Tracks progress, removes barriers, and engages appropriate resources—every project, every week, worldwide Adapting Agile and Oracle OUM methodologies to Africa and ME markets Acting as a central point of sales, presales, delivery & operations Using Catalyst’s CIS ticketing system Our PMO and implementation experience lowers your costs, operates under best business practices and timeliness, avoids unpleasant surprises, and involves vendor quality assurance teams. Latest Projects: Virsec Deterministic Protection Platform (DPP) at Fujairah Government, UAE Virsec Deterministic Protection Platform (DPP) at Al Mariah Community Bank, UAE Oracle Fusion HCM and PBCS at Orange Cameroon Oracle Fusion HCM at Etisalat Egypt Oracle E-Business Suite and Social Security and Pension at IPRES and CSS in Senegal Oracle E-Business Suite on AWS and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure at Dubai Auto Gallery and Amlak Finance (UAE) Oracle E-Business Suite Finance, SCM, EAM, OPM, Oracle Private Cloud Appliance (PCA), Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) at Gecamines, DRC Oracle Netsuite at Groupe Arno, Cameroon Oracle Netsuite at Clickapporter, Morocco Oracle Netsuite at Namaf Consulting, DRC Oracle E-Business Suite HCM at BEAC, Cameroon Oracle E-Business Suite Finance, SCM, EAM at GTG, Algeria find out more Implementation Support Support Catalyst offers Business Applications and Cybersecurity support services : Standard and Flexible SLA combining on-site, nearshore, and offshore assistance References in providing global and local support Single ticketing system with priority assignment feature 24X7 Support Provision of Infrastructure As A Service (Oracle IaaS and others) Support in French, Arabic, and English Competitive Cost ​ Latest Projects: Oracle and other software Managed Services at Amlak Finance, UAE Oracle E-Business Suite and Fusion support at Orange Cameroon Oracle E-Business Suite support at BCRG, Guinea Oracle E-Business Suite support at Comilog, Gabon Oracle Fusion at MedZ, Morocco Oracle E-Business Suite support at GTG, GTIM, GBRS, Algeria Hyperion planning support at MTN Nigeria find out more Upgrade Upgrade Catalyst most cost-effectively upgrades your IT systems and applications with minimal or no business disruption. Catalyst’s clients can use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to minimize new investments while maintaining the operations & uptime during an upgrade. Catalyst offers Oracle Applications and Technologies Migration services. Our migration services follow Oracle Migration methodologies. Move to Oracle IaaS: Migrate Oracle EBS from On-Premise to Cloud. Lift and shift is a tool, but this is Offline Mode. We can use Zero downtime Mode using Dataguard to Migrate EBS to Cloud. Migrate Database, Applications running on-premise to the Cloud Migrate from Sun Solaris Sparc /AIX/ IBM to Linux Platform on the Cloud Cloud Storage can also be used as an Archive storage solution. A few benefits of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) : Pricing is very competitive compared to other Cloud Hosting. Single Vendor Support for Oracle EBS / Cloud Infrastructure and Database Costs Savings. Local Infrastructure need to be managed and maintained daily for failure and maintenance. Cloud provides Site to site VPN, so you can connect Cloud Server using Local IP directly. If you want to keep a DR site for Database, we can use Site-to-site VPN to Sync Dataguard. Cloud Server has 2 Tier storage replication, so Data Loss is prevented. The security feature can be implemented on Oracle EBS and Database using Vault to secure Database Access. The Cloud Operating System can only be accessed by SSH Authentication key or login password. Oracle Cloud Vendor has no direct or indirect service or operating system access. ​ Latest Projects: Oracle E-Business Suite on OCI for Gecamines, DRC Virsec on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Catalyst ECTN platform on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Oracle E-Business Suite upgrade from 12.1 to 12.2.10 at BCRG, Guinea find out more Education With Business Applications and Cybersecurity training and awareness, Catalyst can help increase your security, overall system performance, and usage of applications. We offer comprehensive standard and personalized training services to help executives, managers, IT teams, and end users make the most of new technology and adopt security best practices. We help you select the appropriate courses based on your job role or product focus and provide you with the necessary skills and training. Key Facts: • Catalyst has two (2) education centers, one in Senegal and the other in Dubai • Catalyst is an Oracle University Digital Distributor • Catalyst instructors are certified and have both implementation and training experience. You receive high-quality training that meets or exceeds international standards. Latest Projects: Training on Oracle technology at BCEAO in Dakar, Senegal ​ find out more Education Catalyst Business App solutions ​ We offer a complete set of bespoke solutions! ​ Catalyst is passionate about efficiency. We constantly strive to advise and implement the latest game changing strategies required for you to be at the forefront of your industry. Our vast range of solutions will help drive your success in a constantly evolving technological world. Find out more here >> Business Apps Solutions

  • Cybersecurity | Catalyst

    Top of Page Automated Posture VSP Mobile Protection Data Governance, Confidentiality & Compliance Cyber Security Services Automated Posture Evaluate, protect and comply! Automate your Cyber Security Posture Automated workflows to improve overall cyber security posture! ​ Asset Inventory Keep Systems Patched Identify and Fix Other Risk Items Assess & Report Breach Risk Review and Tune Controls Detect & Contain Intrusions ​ Continuous analysis of cyber security posture to provide mitigation of risk helps you to : 100x more accurate visibility 10x less human effort 95% reduction in breach risk Save $1-100M each year ​ ​ find out more Protecting Server & Application Workloads Catalyst / Virsec delivers Application-Aware Server Workload Protection! Protects server workloads from known and unknown threats ​ Anywhere : on-prem, public/private cloud, hybrid, container Anything : custom, legacy, COTS, air gapped applications Anytime : deploys in minutes, protects continuously in real-time ​ Unique Differentiation : ​ No Signatures, No Tuning, No Noise from false alerts Zero Dwell Time : stops attacks instantly at the first step Full-Stack Runtime Protection : protect web, processes, memory, libraries, files, hosts ​ ​ ​ Brand Promises : ​ App Server Protection Anywhere, for Anything at Anytime Three Zero Promise: Zero Tuning, Zero Noise, and Zero Dwell time ​ ​ ​ find out more VSP Mobile Threat Defence Mobile Endpoint Protection: ​ On-Device Protection - Device, Networks, Apps, Phishing Platforms Supported - iOS, Android, Chrome OS ​ Mobile Application Protection Suite: ​ Secure coding practices The right degree of obfuscation & encryption Privacy, Security & Regulatory Compliance Ability to defend itself in a zero-trust environment Threat Telemetry & Risk Insights​ ​ find out more Mobile Protection Data Governance and Compliance According to a recent study, 89% of companies use at least two cloud providers. It is complex for these multi-cloud companies to be able to provide a unified approach to data control, directly impacting their ability to meet obligations such as ​ Identifying and securing sensitive data, Respecting privacy rights, Governing access to that data and finally Complying with global data regulations. Leading global companies such as Capital One, Blackstone, Hertz, and Cisco have already adopted our solutions Unified Data Control, which leverages a standard control and management platform to seamlessly address all data security, governance, compliance, and privacy requirements. Our unified data control platform has enabled these and many other companies to accelerate initiatives such as digital transformation or cloud adoption without compromising data protection, security, and privacy. ​ Some key features: ​ Identify User Access - Easily identify which users and roles have access to sensitive data within the corporate data environment. Leverage Regulatory Insights - Automatically track geographic location and appropriate regulations associated with sensitive data. Enforce Least-Privileged Access - Use AI-based models that automatically calculate over-privileged users and roles and recommend changes to enforce a least-privileged access model. Enforce Access Controls - Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data based on user, role, regulation, location, etc. Monitor Access Changes - Review access changes over time and report for audit or investigation purposes. Automatic Data Masking - Enable safe sharing of data sets with dynamic masking of sensitive information. Discover Sensitive Data - Discover and classify sensitive data flowing downstream Govern Access - Manage data access based on the sensitivity of data in a particular topic Mitigate Risk - Dynamically mask sensitive data to limit risky exposures Visualize Global Data maps - Easily monitor cross-border traffic and key data patterns with dynamic data graphs Automate Risk Assessments - Gain real-time insights into risks related to your data and processing activities Search for Datasets - Easily search for and find the type and location of data. Data Usage - Insight into data access query statistics for tables and columns. and much much more! ​ ​ find out more Data Governance, Confidentiality & Compliance Cyber Security Services Catalyst cyber security services ​ Our offering involves multidisciplinary expertise materialised by three complementary departments allowing to address cyber security in a global and qualitative approach. Our services include ethical hacking right through to training and awareness-raising. Find out more here >>

  • Contact | Catalyst Business Solutions | United States

    Contact US USA UAE Mauritius Senegal Guinea Cameroon Morocco Egypt Tunisia DRC Guinea-Bissau United States of America ​ 6203 San Ignacio Avenue, Suite 110, San Jose, CA 95119 USA ​ Tel: +1 (408) 281-7100 Fax: +1 (408) 281-7101 CALIFORNIA Request a Quote Please take a moment to fill out the form. First Name Last Name Email Subject Leave us a message... Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • FAQ | Catalyst

    FAQ Where is Catalyst located? We are a global technology consultant with 8 primary offices located in both the Middle East and Africa. Our headquarters is based in San Jose, California. Kindly consult our 'Contact Us' page for more information. Does Catalyst offer services/solutions for my industry? Our vast array of solutions and services are specifically designed to be customisable as well as scalable so as to match any of our client's technical and financial requirements. Does Catalyst offer services/solutions for my region? Incorporated in 2002, Catalyst has developed over more than a decade a thorough understanding of the implementations in French, Arabic and English speaking regions. As a global technology consultancy provider we have offices around the world with expert teams ready to assist you. Does Catalyst offer training? Catalyst offers localized training on client sites or through its education centers for Oracle Applications and Technologies, Machine-2-Machine, Data Center, Microsoft, Cisco, ITIL and more. Catalyst operates Oracle Approved Education Centers (OAEC) and is the only OAEC in West and Central Africa.

  • Contact | Catalyst Business Solutions | United States

    About US Transforming and Protecting your organisation with you! Overview 2002 – 2006 2007 – 2011 2012 – 2016 2017 – 2021 2022 – 2026 Proudly Catalyst since 2002 ​ Catalyst is a Digital Consulting group headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley in San Jose, CA. We are present in 15+ countries in EMEA, with over 75 employees driving our success for over two decades. Catalyst is a long-standing Oracle Partner and has serviced 400+ clients in 30+ countries / 100+ reference letters, including 100+ localizations and vertical solutions. Over the past decade, we have diversified through strategic partnerships to include Business Platforms and Cyber Security solutions and services in our offering. Since 2002 Executive Team Anupam Awasthi Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Anupam Awasthi is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Catalyst Business Partners. Prior to founding Catalyst in 2002, Anupam was Director of the Professional Services Team for Qwest Cyber Solutions (QCS) — a joint venture between KPMG Consulting and Qwest Communications, and the largest Application Service Provider in the United States. Over the last 12 years, he has expanded the footprint of Catalyst with subsidiaries in nine countries in Africa and Middle East, creating a niche Technology Consulting Company with clients in over 35 countries. Anupam sits on the board of Atlas One Financial, a private wealth management firm. He has an MBA from National University in California and a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from Menlo College in California.

  • Axis Pay - Transforming Digital Banking in Egypt | Catalyst

    < Back Axis Pay - Transforming Digital Banking in Egypt Oracle NetSuite Go-Live Challenges: Uploading Data History The journey with Axis Pay began with ambitious goals for transforming the digital banking experience in Egypt. As we embarked on implementing various modules, we encountered a significant challenge - uploading the extensive historical data essential for seamless financial operations. This hurdle posed as a significant risk that could impact the the project's timeline and the overall success of the venture. Solution Modules Implemented: To overcome the challenges, we reviewed our project plan and resources allocations. We reassessed the priorities based on all project stakeholder expectations. We proceeded with the implementation of the key modules: Financial Order to Cash Procure to Pay Fixed Assets Additionally, our team worked tirelessly to ensure the modules were seamlessly integrated into Axis Pay's existing infrastructure, laying the foundation for a robust and efficient digital banking platform. Through continuous monitoring and support from Catalyst’s Management, our team managed to complete the project as per the agreed timeline and on budget. Benefits: The successful implementation of Axis Pay's digital banking platform serves as a milestone and reference point for all startup projects in the industry. This project not only marked a significant achievement for Axis Pay but also stood as our inaugural venture with Netsuite in Egypt. Results: Go-Live We are thrilled to announce the successful Go-Live of Axis Pay's enhanced digital banking platform. Users can now experience a streamlined and efficient financial ecosystem, thanks to the collaborative efforts and dedication of both Axis Pay and our implementation team. Acknowledgements: We sincerely thank Axis Pay for entrusting us with the vital task of enhancing their digital banking platform. This successful collaboration reinforces our commitment to advancing digital banking business in Egypt. As we celebrate this achievement, we look forward to continuing our partnership with Axis Pay and contributing to the continued success of digital banking solutions in the region. More on our client Previous Next

  • ERP : Oracle Fusion, NetSuite, EBS | Catalyst

    Top of Page Oracle Fusion Oracle NetSuite Oracl EBS HCM EPM CRM Intro Suite Power at your fingertips! Bus Apps Oracle Fusion Cloud Fusion Cloud is a suite of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications offering consistent processes and a single source of truth across the most critical business functions—from enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, and human capital management to advertising and customer experience . The applications help you improve your customer engagements, increase your business’s agility, and react to change faster than ever before. ​ Gartner® named Oracle (Fusion Cloud ERP) in the 2022 Magic Quadrant™ , Leader for Product-Centric enterprises. ​ find out more Oracle Fusion Oracle NetSuite Oracle NetSuite NetSuite is the world's No.1 cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP), enabling companies to manage all key business processes in a unified platform. ​ NetSuite offers all the benefits of a cloud solution: Reduced IT costs, Scalability (pay as you grow), Business Continuity, Collaboration, Flexibility, Automation, High Speed, Unlimited storage capacity, Mobility, Integration, Multi-tenancy Lower your operating costs, and strengthen your competitive advantage with NetSuite, today! ​ ​ find out more Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle E-Business Suite supports today’s evolving business models, drives productivity, and meets the demands of the modern mobile user. Building on a 30-year history of innovation, Oracle E-Business Suite continues to deliver new application functionality and expand the capabilities of existing features while helping you gain all the benefits of Oracle Cloud. ​ Oracle EBS products cover Financials, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Payroll, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Warehouse Management System (WMS), Procurement, Asset Lifecycle Management, Order Management, Projects, Manufacturing, Service, Logistics. ​ find out more Oracl EBS Streamline your organisation HCM HCM - Human Capital Management Managing your organisation's most crucial resource doesn’t have to be a burden. ​ Our tailormade HCM Solution caters to integrated applications within our Oracle Fusion Cloud and E-Business Suite offering designed to help you manage and maintain your workforce easily, efficiently, and immediately. ​ Our SaaS delivery for SMB, Midsize, and Enterprise sized companies comprises of: Global Human Resources Cloud Talent Management Cloud Workforce Rewards Cloud Workforce Management Cloud HCM Cloud for Midsize Work Life Solution ​ We help your HR department achieve its goals and objectives through improved productivity and efficiency. ​ find out more EPM - Enterprise Performance Management Better than clairvoyance, business intelligence! ​ EPM software complements ERP by helping you analyse, understand and report on your business to reach performance goals, enhance efficiency, and maximize business processes to improve business performance. ​ Whether you are the CFO or in the departments of finance, HR, sales, marketing, IT, etc. EPM is the go-to software for operational planning, budgeting, and reporting. ​ We offer EPM Solutions for all industries through the following set of products: ​ Oracle PBCS Oracle PCMCS Hyperion Planning Complete Financial Close Narrative Reporting Enterprise Data Management For businesses seeking to lower their operational expenses (OpEx) and capital expenses (CapEx), we also offer a SaaS delivery model for Enterprise Performance Management - EPM Cloud! Ensuring your flexibility as well as scalability! ​ find out more EPM CRM - Customer Relationship Management Customer Relationship Management software is an integral component of all organisations. ​ This well-established industry-standard drives your strategy to efficiently manage your business’s relations and interactions with existing and potential customers. ​ Allow your business to stand out by delivering legendary customer experiences. Connect the customer journey and accelerate transformation with the help of NetSuite CRM or Oracle CX. Oracle’s CX platform helps you prioritize innovation. As the experts in CX technology and cloud IT, Oracle has developed practical artificial intelligence (AI) technology embedded in your CX applications. ​ Some benefits: Better client relationships, first and foremost Improved Customer Service Improved Analytical Data and Reporting Overall improved efficiency across departments Automated Daily Tasks ​ Build a successful business around your valued customers! ​ find out more CRM Catalyst Business Apps services ​ We offer a complete set of bespoke services! ​ Catalyst is passionate about efficiency. We constantly strive to advise and implement the latest game changing strategies required for you to be at the forefront of your industry. Our vast range of services will help drive your success in a constantly evolving technological world. Find out more here >>

  • Namaf Consulting's Transformation Journey with NetSuite | Catalyst

    < Back Namaf Consulting's Transformation Journey with NetSuite Oracle NetSuite Go-Live In the heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Namaf Consulting embarked on a transformative journey to elevate their consulting services to new heights. Situated at 1645, Avenue Kapenda, Quartier Makutano, Commune de Lubumbashi, Province du Haut-Katanga, Namaf Consulting aimed to streamline its operations and enhance overall efficiency. Client Background: Namaf Consulting is an engineering supply and consulting company founded to service the mines in copperbelt and other industries at proximity with products contained in the company product portfolio. The need for better financial management, improved sales processes, optimized procurement, and efficient inventory management were paramount for sustaining their growth trajectory. Challenges Faced: Namaf Consulting encountered several challenges in their day-to-day operations. The manual processes in financial management were prone to errors, sales workflows lacked agility, procurement was inefficient, and managing inventory became a logistical challenge. The need for a comprehensive and integrated solution was apparent. The Solution: Enter NetSuite Retail Mid-Market Cloud Service - a robust and integrated suite that promised to revolutionize Namaf Consulting's operations. The chosen modules included Financial, Sales, Procurement, and Inventory, addressing the entirety of their business processes. Implementation: The implementation process was meticulous and tailored to Namaf Consulting's unique requirements. The team at Namaf worked closely with NetSuite experts to ensure a seamless integration of the chosen modules. The transition to the new system was smooth, with minimal disruption to day-to-day activities. Go-Live Milestone: The defining moment came with the successful Go-Live. Namaf Consulting officially embraced the power of NetSuite, marking a new era for their business operations. Results Achieved: Financial Precision: NetSuite's Financial module brought accuracy and transparency to Namaf Consulting's financial management, enabling real-time insights and informed decision-making. Sales Acceleration: The Sales module optimized Namaf Consulting's sales processes, resulting in increased agility, improved customer relationships, and ultimately, revenue growth. Procurement Efficiency: With NetSuite's Procurement module, Namaf Consulting streamlined their procurement processes, reducing costs and enhancing vendor relationships. Inventory Optimization: NetSuite's Inventory module provided Namaf Consulting with the tools to efficiently manage their inventory, minimizing stockouts and reducing excess holding costs. Business Impact: Namaf Consulting's decision to implement NetSuite proved to be a game-changer. The integrated solution not only addressed their immediate challenges but also positioned them for sustained growth in the dynamic business landscape of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Future Outlook: With the foundations of a streamlined and integrated business operation firmly in place, Namaf Consulting is now poised to explore new horizons and expand its consulting services further. The success story of Namaf Consulting and NetSuite sets a benchmark for businesses seeking transformative solutions to elevate their operations and achieve lasting success. More on our client Previous Next

  • Careers | Catalyst Business Solutions | United States

    Expand your horizons We owe our ongoing success to the melding of minds across our dynamic organisation, a collaborative culture accurately embodied in the quote ''No man is an island!'' As an Equal Opportunities Employer (EOE), specialised in digital transformation, we offer job opportunities to talented individuals as well as innovative companies for both full time and contractual employment. One of our greatest strengths is the diversity of our people combined with their rich experience through varied skill-sets, backgrounds and cultures. We believe in nurturing our people and ensuring their growth, alongside the growth of the organisation. JOIN US ON OUR JOURNEY Where is Catalyst located? We are a global technology consultant with 8 primary offices located in both the Middle East and Africa. Our headquarters is based in San Jose, California. Kindly consult our 'Contact Us' page for more information. Does Catalyst offer services/solutions for my industry? Our vast array of solutions and services are specifically designed to be customisable as well as scalable so as to match any of our client's technical and financial requirements. Does Catalyst offer services/solutions for my region? Incorporated in 2002, Catalyst has developed over more than a decade a thorough understanding of the implementations in French, Arabic and English speaking regions. As a global technology consultancy provider we have offices around the world with expert teams ready to assist you. Does Catalyst offer training? Catalyst offers localized training on client sites or through its education centers for Oracle Applications and Technologies, Machine-2-Machine, Data Center, Microsoft, Cisco, ITIL and more. Catalyst operates Oracle Approved Education Centers (OAEC) and is the only OAEC in West and Central Africa.

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