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powerful solutions

We bridge the gap between Business Applications and IoT to provide you end to end solutions with the best infrastructure on the Cloud or On Premise.

  • Leader in high growth and profit markets of Africa

  • Proximity : Local Subsidiaries, Team, Product Localizations / Deliverables

  • 20 years experience in ERP, EPM, CRM and 10 years experience in Data Center and IoT

  • Track Record : $200+ customers; 100+ reference letters

  • Vertical solutions

  • Regional Coverage : French, Arabic, English speaking

  • Financing large Public Sector projects : under PPP and Single source procurement

  • Chip to Cloud : Integrating IoT, On-Premise ERP & Cloud solutions

  • Oracle Platinum and University Certifications

  • Sourcing Power : Low Churn rate, Large partner and contractors network

The combination of Catalyst's unique Glocal Project Management Office, infrastructure and its techno-functional, multi-industry, multi-lingual expert resources will ensure your project is successful - on time, on budget, with a greater ROI.

Touchscreen Computer


Better than clairvoyance, business intelligence!

Communication Tower


We offer a complete set of expert services for Oracle applications, tailor-made business requirements. 

Modern Laptop


Quite literally power at your fingertips!

Social network concept


Customer Relationship Management software is an integral component of all organisations.



Managing your organisations most important resource doesn’t have to be a burden.

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