powerful solutions

We bridge the gap between Business Applications and IoT to provide you end to end solutions with the best infrastructure on the Cloud or On Premise.

  • Leader in high growth and profit markets of Africa

  • Proximity : Local Subsidiaries, Team, Product Localizations / Deliverables

  • 20 years experience in ERP, EPM, CRM and 10 years experience in Data Center and IoT

  • Track Record : $200+ customers; 100+ reference letters

  • Vertical solutions

  • Regional Coverage : French, Arabic, English speaking

  • Financing large Public Sector projects : under PPP and Single source procurement

  • Chip to Cloud : Integrating IoT, On-Premise ERP & Cloud solutions

  • Oracle Platinum and University Certifications

  • Sourcing Power : Low Churn rate, Large partner and contractors network

The combination of Catalyst's unique Glocal Project Management Office, infrastructure and its techno-functional, multi-industry, multi-lingual expert resources will ensure your project is successful - on time, on budget, with a greater ROI.