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Our cyber security services

Cyber Security Audit

Audit : offensive security & ethical hacking

The Offensive Security department brings together all the technical and non-technical hacking skills needed to carry out security assessments and tests. The ethical hackers working in this unit focus on exploiting the technical, human, organisational and physical flaws and vulnerabilities of information systems.

Protection : cyber protection

The Cyber Protection department is made up of security engineers who advise and support our clients at the strategic and operational levels, in the technical, organisational and physical fields. This unit enables us to implement a process of continuous improvement and to raise the level of security of the organisations that call on us, but also to support the functions of CISO and DPO within them.

Cyber Protection

Training : training & awareness raising

The Training and Awareness department imagines, designs, builds and runs educational programmes for both novice and experienced audiences.

The speakers are experts in their field, selected and qualified by us, with significant practical experience. The content is co-constructed and continuously enriched in conjunction with the Offensive Security and Cyber Protection departments. The team is animated through various events for reflection and knowledge sharing.

Cyber Security Training
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Catalyst wins Enterprise Security Solution Provider of the Year!

Cyber Security Solutions
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