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Social Security and Pension

Social Security and Pension

Case Study of Ndamli Project - Modernisation and Harmonisation of IPRES and CSS Information Systems (Senegal)

Catalyst connected the two social institutions under a single computerised management system using Oracle technology, the world's database leader, known for its quality, effectiveness, and efficiency.

This entirely digitised information system is used by the workers and users of the two institutions, with the ultimate aim of eradicating social evasion, causing the social security institutions to lose millions or even billions of dollars each year.

This new system, called NDAMLI, has several components. For everything relating to the management of employers, a dedicated digital portal was made available via

To date, 77% of the employers known to the IPRES and the Fund files are making single declarations. Similarly, 2,953 companies have been registered simultaneously with the two institutions. The collection of sums due is also conducted on a common platform.

All private sector employees will be issued a social security card similar to the Vitale card in France. This will eventually expand the base of contributors to include informal sector actors and day labourers.

Concerning the processing and payment of pensions (i.e. the settlement of files), out of 8500 files, 6500 have recently been paid via the new system. Eventually, NDAMLI will make it possible to process a pension within 48 hours.

The new digital solution had suspended 3600 claimants for lack of proof of life and 2000+ have yet to present themselves as of date. This digital transformation is paying out justly.

Thirty-four thousand pensioners and creditors of the two institutions have already received their biometric cards thanks to the project. This project, which is bringing about a digital revolution in social institutions, was recently awarded the prize for the best African IT project in the field of social welfare, an event held in Morocco.

As a result, several countries of the CIPRES space (the umbrella organisation of African social institutions) have already come to Senegal to benchmark within the framework of exchanges of good practices. 

Ndamli Case Study


Implementation and Support Operation of the following modules:

  • Human Resources and Payroll Management

  • Purchasing and Inventory Management

  • Budget, Commitments, and Accounting Management

  • Cash Management: Cash In and Cash Out and Banking

  • Management of third-party suppliers and customers

  • Asset management

  • Discharge of all auxiliaries in the accounting system

  • PSRM (Business) - GL (Accounting) accounting integration


Migration and Data Recovery:

  • Matching and Merging IPRES/CSS Employer and Employee Databases

  • Migration of Employers' data in PSRM and IPRES benefits data

  • Creation of a buffer database for matching and migration of non-matched data

  • Enrichment of the IPRES declarations and beneficiaries bases, and CSS employers bases from the Archives

  • Support for the continuity of data reliability

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