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Automated Posture

Evaluate, protect and comply!

Automate your Cyber Security Posture

Automated workflows to improve overall cyber security posture!

  • Asset Inventory

  • Keep Systems Patched

  • Identify and Fix Other Risk Items

  • Assess & Report Breach Risk

  • Review and Tune Controls

  • Detect & Contain Intrusions

Continuous analysis of cyber security posture to provide mitigation of risk helps you to : 

  • 100x more accurate visibility

  • 10x less human effort

  • 95% reduction in breach risk

  • Save $1-100M each year


Protecting Server & Application Workloads

Catalyst / Virsec delivers Application-Aware Server Workload Protection!


Protects server workloads from known and unknown threats

  • Anywhere : on-prem, public/private cloud, hybrid, container

  • Anything : custom, legacy, COTS, air gapped applications

  • Anytime : deploys in minutes, protects continuously in real-time


Unique Differentiation :

  • No Signatures, No Tuning, No Noise from false alerts

  • Zero Dwell Time : stops attacks instantly at the first step

  • Full-Stack Runtime Protection : protect web, processes, memory, libraries, files, hosts

Brand Promises :

  • App Server Protection Anywhere, for Anything  at Anytime

  • Three Zero Promise: Zero Tuning, Zero Noise, and Zero Dwell time


Mobile Threat Defence

Mobile Endpoint Protection:

  • On-Device Protection - Device, Networks, Apps, Phishing

  • Platforms Supported - iOS, Android, Chrome OS

Mobile Application Protection Suite:

  • Secure coding practices

  • The right degree of obfuscation & encryption

  • Privacy, Security & Regulatory Compliance

  • Ability to defend itself in a zero-trust environment

  • Threat Telemetry & Risk Insights

Mobile Protection

Data Governance and Compliance

According to a recent study, 89% of companies use at least two cloud providers.
It is complex for these multi-cloud companies to be able to provide a unified approach
to data control, directly impacting their ability to meet obligations such as 

  • Identifying and securing sensitive data, 

  • Respecting privacy rights, 

  • Governing access to that data and finally

  • Complying with global data regulations.


Leading global companies such as Capital One, Blackstone, Hertz, and Cisco have already adopted our solutions Unified Data Control, which leverages a standard control and management platform to seamlessly address all data security, governance, compliance, and privacy requirements.

Our unified data control platform has enabled these and many other companies to accelerate initiatives such as digital transformation or cloud adoption without compromising data protection, security, and privacy.

Some key features:

  • Identify User Access - Easily identify which users and roles have access to sensitive data within the corporate data environment.

  • Leverage Regulatory Insights - Automatically track geographic location and appropriate regulations associated with sensitive data.

  • Enforce Least-Privileged Access - Use AI-based models that automatically calculate over-privileged users and roles and recommend changes to enforce a least-privileged access model.

  • Enforce Access Controls - Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data based on user, role, regulation, location, etc.

  • Monitor Access Changes - Review access changes over time and report for audit or investigation purposes.

  • Automatic Data Masking - Enable safe sharing of data sets with dynamic masking of sensitive information.

  • Discover Sensitive Data - Discover and classify sensitive data flowing downstream

  • Govern Access - Manage data access based on the sensitivity of data in a particular topic

  • Mitigate Risk - Dynamically mask sensitive data to limit risky exposures

  • Visualize Global Data maps - Easily monitor cross-border traffic and key data patterns with dynamic data graphs

  • Automate Risk Assessments - Gain real-time insights into risks related to your data and processing activities

  • Search for Datasets - Easily search for and find the type and location of data.

  • Data Usage - Insight into data access query statistics for tables and columns.

  • and much much more!

Data Governance, Confidentiality & Compliance
Cyber Security Services

Catalyst cyber security services

Our offering involves multidisciplinary expertise materialised by three complementary departments allowing to address cyber security in a global and qualitative approach.

Our services include ethical hacking right through to training and awareness-raising.

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