Oracle NetSuite

As the No.1 Cloud ERP, NetSuite meets the evolving needs of businesses of all sizes, every stage of their growth. 

With over 40,000 customers, it is the go-to choice for running financial / ERP and CRM applications in the Cloud. From start-ups and mid-size companies to large multinationals, NetSuite allows companies, both private and public, to free up their growth potential in the most efficient way. This cloud solution simplifies strategic processes and reduces IT expenses, allowing you to scale and easily sustain your activity thanks to the agility of a cloud-based platform.

Whether it’s the evolution, diversification, acquisition of new companies or launch of new business models, NetSuite supports you at every stage of your growth and evolution through a flexible and scalable platform, designed to grow with your business. 

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is the world's No.1 cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) enabling companies to manage all key business processes in a unified platform.

NetSuite offers all the benefits of a cloud solution: Reduced IT costs, Scalability (pay as you grow), Business continuity, Collaboration, Flexibility, Automation, High Speed, Unlimited storage capacity, Mobility, Integration, Multi-tenancy

Lower your operating costs and strengthen your competitive advantage with NetSuite, today!

What is cloud ERP?

Cloud ERP is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology that collects real-time data from critical business processes and makes it available via the internet to relevant and authorised personnel. The main difference between traditional on-premises ERP and cloud ERP is that all data, software and systems are hosted online versus using on-premises hardware in a server room.

Authorised and relevant employees within a company can get accurate information anytime everywhere to steer and grow the business. Cloud ERP as the name suggest offers all the benefits Cloud technology has to offer.

Is NetSuite well established?

NetSuite is trusted by more than 40,000 organisations around the world! With more than 3000 new clients in the last 12 months and local offices in 15 countries, NetSuite is the perfect ERP for Start-up’s, midsized, large companies and also caters for Private Equity-Backed companies, Venture Capital-Backed Companies and Family-Owned businesses.

NetSuite is for everyone, almost: Controllers, CFOs, CIOs, Sales Managers, Operations, Support Representatives and more. Netsuite can be implemented with just 1 or 2 users and scale up to thousands of users

What does NetSuite cover?

NetSuite offers a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution including Customer relationship management (CRM), Professional services automation (PSA), E-commerce, Retail, Manufacturing and offers an omnichannel experience.

Why do I need an ERP system?

Not why but when! The success and the activity of a company are a determining factor in how much data will be produced throughout its business life. Storing, collaborating, sharing and making that data work for your company can be a daunting task and a decisive boundary for expanding the business effectively. An ERP system makes managing all the information across multiple platforms less costly, efficient and most importantly accurate. Making the switch before being overwhelmed is key to peace of mind.

Why NetSuite?

NetSuite pioneered Cloud Computing revolution becoming the first online service focussed on delivering business applications. NetSuite – built in flexibility, business intelligence at your fingertips, the best cloud commerce-ready ERP, designed for the modern company.

What can I do with NetSuite?

NetSuite, as a cloud-based ERP, integrates departmental functions and processes such as finance, planning, purchasing, invoicing, sales, marketing, inventory, human resources and much more into a single business online platform thus uniting all your data in one system resulting in instant access to all your vendor, customer, inventory and transaction data anytime everywhere.

Why are the benefits of NetSuite?

Real-Time Metrics Visibility, Reduced IT Costs, One Platform for your enitre group of companies, easily customise & integrate, available 24/7 anywhere everywhere (with an internet connection), increased productivity, Supports multi-national operations, automated end-to-end processes! The question really becomes why wouldn’t you need it?

Switch from my current software/system to NetSuite?

NetSuite through its robust and agile platform allows you to graduate, upgrade, switch and transform your business to the cloud through innovative easy-to-transfer integrations with QuickBooks, Microsoft, Sage, Intacct, SAP, Deltek, Epicor or a legacy On-Premise ERP.

Turbo-charge your business today and become tomorrow’s competitive edge.

Is NetSuite secure?

Data security and uptime can reduce resources and expose it to risk. NetSuite offers capabilities comprehensive disaster recovery, security and uptime to companies and their most distant subsidiaries. NetSuite complies with many auditing and security standards, including SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI-DSS, and the EU-US Privacy Shield.

NetSuite has modelled its security and risk management processes from the standards of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and of the ISO 27000 series of standards.

NetSuite guarantees a service level agreement 99.5% uptime, plus full performance transparency.

Does NetSuite support my industry and business activity?

The short answer is yes! NetSuite is suited for both private and public entities - from software publishing to B2B activities, right down to professional and industry focussed services, NetSuite offers the broadest range of solutions to manage all of your activities, via a single suite.

Can NetSuite sustain our international business growth?

NetSuite is a highly scalable system which allows you to quickly and easily add features to support your overseas business requirements with provisions for 190 currencies, 27 languages and compliance automation tax in more than 100 countries. When it comes to ERP, businesses using NetSuite can complete a single chart of accounts for all of their subsidiaries or use separate charts of accounts for each company within a single instance.

Is NetSuite easy to use?

NetSuite’s benchmark HTML5 user interface concentrates on making mission-critical business applications intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to focus on task-specific workflow training whilst reducing the amount of time wasted on navigating through unintuitive ERP systems.

Is NetSuite really the future way to run a business?

Cloud-based, mobile and designed for collaboration, NetSuite frees the enterprise from systems based old PCs and server systems, not very collaborative and barricaded behind firewalls. NetSuite is based on a dynamic and easy-to-use platform for everyone users at the scale of an international company, and accessible to all moment on any type of device.

NetSuite, designed for tomorrows businesses!