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    Global BPO Center Opportunities Our Partners Welcome to Catalyst Business Solutions, your gateway to high-quality Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. With our extensive network of BPO centers, we offer exceptional solutions to meet your business needs. Explore the unique advantages of Mauritius, Senegal, and Egypt as BPO destinations and discover why they are the perfect choice for your organization. Mauritius Senegal Egypt The Business Oasis ​ Located in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is renowned for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and favorable business environment. Here are the key reasons why Mauritius excels as a BPO center: Skilled Workforce: Mauritius boasts a highly educated and skilled workforce proficient in multiple languages, including English, French, and Creole. The availability of a bilingual talent pool ensures seamless communication with your global clientele. Competitive Cost Structure: With competitive wages and a low cost of living, Mauritius offers cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Maximize your operational efficiency and profitability with reduced overheads. Political Stability: Enjoy a stable political climate and a pro-business government that promotes foreign investments. Mauritius offers a reliable and secure business environment for your BPO operations. Time Zone Advantage: Positioned in the GMT+4 time zone, Mauritius ensures convenient collaboration with clients from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Seamlessly serve customers around the clock and optimize your business operations. Leveraging our BPO centers in Mauritius, Senegal, and Egypt presents a golden opportunity to harness our skilled workforce proficient in Arabic, English, and French, along with their advanced infrastructure and cost-effective solutions. This enables your organization to deliver expertise seamlessly across multiple languages, ensuring effective communication and market reach while focusing on core competencies. List Title 83 Describe the item and include any relevant details. Click to edit the text. 240 Describe the item and include any relevant details. Click to edit the text. 15 Describe the item and include any relevant details. Click to edit the text. 7 Describe the item and include any relevant details. Click to edit the text.

  • Global Technology Partner | Catalyst Business Solutions | Digital Transformation and Protection

    Oracle Applications feel the difference Transform & Protect tomorrow, today! Leader in EMEA Server Workload Protection in milliseconds including zero-day attacks Learn More Play Video Play Video Cyber Security - Achieving Zero Trust during Runtime Play Video Play Video The Future of Work: Evolving to a New Work Model Play Video Play Video Catalyst Business Solutions BESC Guinee - Djoma TV - JT 20H Play Video Play Video Webinaire - La résilience et transformation numérique des organisations grâce au Cloud! Play Video Play Video Catalyst Business Solutions EPT IT Day 2018 Play Video Play Video Mohammed Owais and Jean Baptiste Blanc discuss the transition to Cloud in Africa 400+ customers 100+ references 14+ countries 11K+ followers We've got news for you! Catalyst 21st anniversary Change is the only constant! Over the past 21 years, we have witnessed ... Read More Mauritius E-invoicing (MRA) deploys a game-changing e-invoicing system in Mauritius Read More Pension & Security solution A case study with Papa Ware Gueye, GM - Sales, for the award winning NDAMLI project in Senegal Read More Cyber risk quantification Looking to learn about the latest buzzword in cybersecurity? Read More Read the latest issue of ERA 04 E-Business Suite Day 05 GISEC 2022 07 Cyber-sécurité et Emirats 08 Partenaire technique exclusif 09 Rencontre avec Son Altesse 10 Webinaires Mensuels

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    Our Success Stories Axis Pay - Transforming Digital Banking in Egypt Oracle NetSuite Go-Live Read More Digitech's Digital Transformation Odyssey in Egypt Oracle NetSuite Go-Live Read More Namaf Consulting's Transformation Journey with NetSuite Oracle NetSuite Go-Live Read More

  • Our Client Milestones | Catalyst

    our core team our client milestones Our success is measured by our clients' success. Every Implementation, Kick-Off and Go-Live is the fruit of a partnership between our local team of experts and our estimable clients. Here are some of the many journeys made together to achieve our clients' digital transformation. 1/1

  • Axis Pay - Transforming Digital Banking in Egypt

    < Back Axis Pay - Transforming Digital Banking in Egypt Oracle NetSuite Go-Live Challenges: Uploading Data History The journey with Axis Pay began with ambitious goals for transforming the digital banking experience in Egypt. As we embarked on implementing various modules, we encountered a significant challenge - uploading the extensive data history essential for seamless financial operations. This hurdle threatened the project's timeline and the overall success of the venture. Solution Modules Implemented: To overcome the challenges, we strategically implemented the following modules: Financial Order to Cash Procure to Pay Fixed Assets Our team worked tirelessly to ensure the modules were seamlessly integrated into Axis Pay's existing infrastructure, laying the foundation for a robust and efficient digital banking platform. Benefits: The successful implementation of Axis Pay's digital banking platform serves as a milestone and reference point for all startup projects in the industry. This project not only marked a significant achievement for Axis Pay but also stood as our inaugural venture with Netsuite in Egypt. Results: Go-Live We are thrilled to announce the successful Go-Live of Axis Pay's enhanced digital banking platform. Users can now experience a streamlined and efficient financial ecosystem, thanks to the collaborative efforts and dedication of both Axis Pay and our implementation team. Acknowledgements: We sincerely thank Axis Pay for entrusting us with the vital task of enhancing their digital banking platform. This successful collaboration reinforces our commitment to advancing digital banking business in Egypt. As we celebrate this achievement, we look forward to continuing our partnership with Axis Pay and contributing to the continued success of digital banking solutions in the region. More on our client Previous Next

  • Digitech's Digital Transformation Odyssey in Egypt

    < Back Digitech's Digital Transformation Odyssey in Egypt Oracle NetSuite Go-Live In the bustling city of Cairo, Digitech, a prominent technology solutions and services provider, embarked on a groundbreaking journey to usher in a new era of efficiency and innovation. Specializing in digital transformation, Digitech set out to revolutionize its operations in Egypt, aiming to overcome longstanding challenges and embrace modern business practices. Client Background: Digitech, at the forefront of technology solutions, had been relying on manual processes and Excel spreadsheets for their operations. The need for a comprehensive system to automate their workflows became apparent, and the decision to undergo digital transformation was a strategic imperative. Challenges Faced: Transition from Excel to Automation: Digitech faced the significant challenge of transitioning from manual Excel-based processes to a fully automated system for the first time. Localization & Compliance: With operations in Egypt, compliance with local regulations and adherence to Novetique standards presented a dual challenge that required careful consideration. Training Iterations: As the first foray into system automation, repeated training sessions were necessary to ensure a smooth transition and to empower Digitech's team with the necessary skills. The Solution: Digitech partnered with Catalyst to implement a suite of NetSuite modules, including Financial, Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, and Inventory Management, addressing the entirety of their business processes. The primary focus was on achieving localization as per Egyptian regulations while upholding Noventiq standards (our parent company). Go-Live Milestone: The culmination of months of meticulous planning and implementation was marked by a successful Go-Live. Digitech officially embraced the power of automation, signaling a transformative shift in their business operations. Benefits Realized: End-to-End Automation: Digitech achieved seamless end-to-end automation across their operations, eliminating manual bottlenecks and enhancing overall efficiency. e-Invoicing Integration: Integration with e-Invoicing streamlined Digitech's invoicing processes, ensuring compliance with Egyptian tax authorities and reducing the risk of errors. Global Scalability: With subsidiaries in multiple countries, Digitech now has a scalable and replicable success story. The implemented solution lays the groundwork for potential expansions into other regions. Results Achieved: Digitech's digital transformation journey yielded transformative results: Operational Efficiency: Automation significantly increased operational efficiency, allowing Digitech to focus on innovation and client satisfaction. Compliance Assurance: Localization efforts ensured compliance with Egyptian regulations, providing a secure and stable operational environment. Global Replicability: The success in Egypt opens doors for Digitech to replicate the achievements in other countries where they have a presence. Future Outlook: Armed with a fully automated system and a future-ready infrastructure, Digitech is well-positioned for sustained growth and continued innovation. The success story in Egypt serves as a testament to Digitech's commitment to excellence and sets the stage for further advancements in the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation. More on our client Previous Next

  • Cybersecurity | Catalyst

    Top of Page Automated Posture VSP Mobile Protection Data Governance, Confidentiality & Compliance Cyber Security Services Automated Posture Evaluate, protect and comply! Automate your Cyber Security Posture Automated workflows to improve overall cyber security posture! ​ Asset Inventory Keep Systems Patched Identify and Fix Other Risk Items Assess & Report Breach Risk Review and Tune Controls Detect & Contain Intrusions ​ Continuous analysis of cyber security posture to provide mitigation of risk helps you to : 100x more accurate visibility 10x less human effort 95% reduction in breach risk Save $1-100M each year ​ ​ find out more Protecting Server & Application Workloads Catalyst / Virsec delivers Application-Aware Server Workload Protection! Protects server workloads from known and unknown threats ​ Anywhere : on-prem, public/private cloud, hybrid, container Anything : custom, legacy, COTS, air gapped applications Anytime : deploys in minutes, protects continuously in real-time ​ Unique Differentiation : ​ No Signatures, No Tuning, No Noise from false alerts Zero Dwell Time : stops attacks instantly at the first step Full-Stack Runtime Protection : protect web, processes, memory, libraries, files, hosts ​ ​ ​ Brand Promises : ​ App Server Protection Anywhere, for Anything at Anytime Three Zero Promise: Zero Tuning, Zero Noise, and Zero Dwell time ​ ​ ​ find out more VSP Mobile Threat Defence Mobile Endpoint Protection: ​ On-Device Protection - Device, Networks, Apps, Phishing Platforms Supported - iOS, Android, Chrome OS ​ Mobile Application Protection Suite: ​ Secure coding practices The right degree of obfuscation & encryption Privacy, Security & Regulatory Compliance Ability to defend itself in a zero-trust environment Threat Telemetry & Risk Insights​ ​ find out more Mobile Protection Data Governance and Compliance According to a recent study, 89% of companies use at least two cloud providers. It is complex for these multi-cloud companies to be able to provide a unified approach to data control, directly impacting their ability to meet obligations such as ​ Identifying and securing sensitive data, Respecting privacy rights, Governing access to that data and finally Complying with global data regulations. Leading global companies such as Capital One, Blackstone, Hertz, and Cisco have already adopted our solutions Unified Data Control, which leverages a standard control and management platform to seamlessly address all data security, governance, compliance, and privacy requirements. Our unified data control platform has enabled these and many other companies to accelerate initiatives such as digital transformation or cloud adoption without compromising data protection, security, and privacy. ​ Some key features: ​ Identify User Access - Easily identify which users and roles have access to sensitive data within the corporate data environment. Leverage Regulatory Insights - Automatically track geographic location and appropriate regulations associated with sensitive data. Enforce Least-Privileged Access - Use AI-based models that automatically calculate over-privileged users and roles and recommend changes to enforce a least-privileged access model. Enforce Access Controls - Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data based on user, role, regulation, location, etc. Monitor Access Changes - Review access changes over time and report for audit or investigation purposes. Automatic Data Masking - Enable safe sharing of data sets with dynamic masking of sensitive information. Discover Sensitive Data - Discover and classify sensitive data flowing downstream Govern Access - Manage data access based on the sensitivity of data in a particular topic Mitigate Risk - Dynamically mask sensitive data to limit risky exposures Visualize Global Data maps - Easily monitor cross-border traffic and key data patterns with dynamic data graphs Automate Risk Assessments - Gain real-time insights into risks related to your data and processing activities Search for Datasets - Easily search for and find the type and location of data. Data Usage - Insight into data access query statistics for tables and columns. and much much more! ​ ​ find out more Data Governance, Confidentiality & Compliance Cyber Security Services Catalyst cyber security services ​ Our offering involves multidisciplinary expertise materialised by three complementary departments allowing to address cyber security in a global and qualitative approach. Our services include ethical hacking right through to training and awareness-raising. Find out more here >>

  • Contact | Catalyst Business Solutions | United States

    About US Transforming and Protecting your organisation with you! Overview 2002 – 2006 2007 – 2011 2012 – 2016 2017 – 2021 2022 – 2026 Proudly Catalyst since 2002 ​ Catalyst is a Digital Consulting group headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley in San Jose, CA. We are present in 15+ countries in EMEA, with over 75 employees driving our success for over two decades. Catalyst is a long-standing Oracle Partner and has serviced 400+ clients in 30+ countries / 100+ reference letters, including 100+ localizations and vertical solutions. Over the past decade, we have diversified through strategic partnerships to include Business Platforms and Cyber Security solutions and services in our offering. Since 2002 Executive Team Anupam Awasthi Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Anupam Awasthi is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Catalyst Business Partners and Catalyst Business Solutions. Prior to founding Catalyst in 2002, Anupam was Director of the Professional Services Team for Qwest Cyber Solutions (QCS) — a joint venture between KPMG Consulting and Qwest Communications, and the largest Application Service Provider in the United States. Over the last 12 years, he has expanded the footprint of Catalyst with subsidiaries in nine countries in Africa and Middle East, creating a niche Technology Consulting Company with clients in over 35 countries. Anupam sits on the board of Atlas One Financial, a private wealth management firm. He has an MBA from National University in California and a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from Menlo College in California.

  • Industries | Catalyst Business Solutions | United States

    your industry Our primary objective is to help our clients around the world innovate and optimize their business. Our Customers ​Catalyst, as a global technology solutions provider, has a broad international customer base that incorporates many industries – from manufacturing to telecommunications, chemicals to media. Take a peek at some of our clients: TELECOM Algerie Telecom Comium Expresso Telecom FMC Media Mauritius Telecom Mobinil MTN Noor Orange Qtelmedia Sonatel Sotelgui Sudatel Telecom Egypt Tigo Tunisiana FINANCIAL SERVICES ACEP Cameroun S.A. Africa Reinsurance Afriland First Bank Al Baraka Bank B.S.I.C. Banco da Africa Ocidental Banque Atlantique Banque du Caire BAO BCRG BEAC Beneficial Life CEMAC Central Bank of Egypt CMM COBAC CTMI-UEMDA Ecobank First Bank Qatar Natioanal Bank SGBS UTILITIES OIL & GAS EDM SA Egyptian LNG Elton Oil Energya Ind. EWSA Oando Oryx QAFAC Sahara Group Senelec SNH Cameroun Sonabel SONARA Soneg Timimoun (Sonatrach) PUBLIC SECTOR Abu Dhabi Ali Bin Ali Group ARTP, Senegal BEAC City of Atlanta City of Miami Civil Aviation Authority CMR, Morocco CNPS Cour des Comptes, Senegal Cross River CTM EMA Federal Ministry of Education Fujeirah Government Manav Rachna Ministere des Peches Ministry of Finance, Guinea Ministry of Finance, Senegal Ministry of Health, Morocco NPS OCP PERI, Palestine PWA (Ashghal) Qatar Qatar Olympic Committee Republique du Congo Republique du Senegal RSADF SNTL Sonatur SONATUR Tresorerie Generale du Maroc (TGR) TRANSPORTATION Air Senegal International ASECNA Dubai Port World Egypt Air Federal Airports of Nigeria Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport Indian Railways Minda ONCF Sandhar Technologies Ltd. Sona MANUFACTURING RETAIL SUPPLY CHAIN DISTRIBUTION REAL ESTATE AND MORE ADCI Al Falak Al Ghurair Group ATS Barwa Casablanca Nearshore Park CCBM Holding Chococam Ciments du Sahel CityStars Dar Al Memaar Group - DMG El Kendi El Sweedy Cables Elsewedy Electric EMAAR Energya Steel Solutions Groupe OCP Hope Apartment ICBM IL Kerzner Kuwait Food Company MARS Mazagan Beach Resort MedZ Misr Beni Suef Cement Nuqul Group Omar Effendi Orascom Construction Industries Polytra Saudi Consolidated Contracting Savola Toyota Tristar Three ways we can do the same for you ... + Powerful - Solutions + Expert - Services + Contact - U s

  • Industries | Catalyst

    your industry Our primary objective is to help our clients around the world innovate and optimize their business. ​Catalyst has a broad international customer base that incorporates many industries – from manufacturing to telecommunications, chemicals to media. Catalyst clients operate in countries such as the US, Senegal, Gambia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Gabon, Congo, Kenya, Mauritius, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Dubai, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, India and Vietnam. Hereunder some of our clients. TELECOM Algerie Telecom Mauritius Telecom MTN Orange Telecom Egypt UTILITIES OIL & GAS EDM SA Egyptian LNG Elton Oil Energya Ind. Timimoun (Sonatrach) PUBLIC SECTOR ACEP Cameroun S.A. Africa Reinsurance Afriland First Bank Al Baraka Bank B.S.I.C. FINANCIAL SERVICES Abu Dhabi Ali Bin Ali Group ARTP, Senegal BEAC City of Atlanta PUBLIC SECTOR TRANSPORTATION Air Senegal International ASECNA Dubai Port World Egypt Air Indian Railways MANUFACTURING, RETAIL, SCM, REAL ESTATE AND MORE ADCI Al Ghurair Group ATS CityStars EMAAR Three ways we can do the same for you ... Powerful - Solutions + Expert - Services + Contact - U s +

  • Careers | Catalyst Business Solutions | United States

    Expand your horizons We owe our ongoing success to the melding of minds across our dynamic organisation, a collaborative culture accurately embodied in the quote ''No man is an island!'' As an Equal Opportunities Employer (EOE), specialised in digital transformation, we offer job opportunities to talented individuals as well as innovative companies for both full time and contractual employment. One of our greatest strengths is the diversity of our people combined with their rich experience through varied skill-sets, backgrounds and cultures. We believe in nurturing our people and ensuring their growth, alongside the growth of the organisation. JOIN US ON OUR JOURNEY Where is Catalyst located? We are a global technology consultant with 8 primary offices located in both the Middle East and Africa. Our headquarters is based in San Jose, California. Kindly consult our 'Contact Us' page for more information. Does Catalyst offer services/solutions for my industry? Our vast array of solutions and services are specifically designed to be customisable as well as scalable so as to match any of our client's technical and financial requirements. Does Catalyst offer services/solutions for my region? Incorporated in 2002, Catalyst has developed over more than a decade a thorough understanding of the implementations in French, Arabic and English speaking regions. As a global technology consultancy provider we have offices around the world with expert teams ready to assist you. Does Catalyst offer training? Catalyst offers localized training on client sites or through its education centers for Oracle Applications and Technologies, Machine-2-Machine, Data Center, Microsoft, Cisco, ITIL and more. Catalyst operates Oracle Approved Education Centers (OAEC) and is the only OAEC in West and Central Africa.

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