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Namaf Consulting's Transformation Journey with NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite Go-Live

In the heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Namaf Consulting embarked on a transformative journey to elevate their consulting services to new heights. Situated at 1645, Avenue Kapenda, Quartier Makutano, Commune de Lubumbashi, Province du Haut-Katanga, Namaf Consulting aimed to streamline its operations and enhance overall efficiency.

Client Background:

Namaf Consulting is an engineering supply and consulting company founded to service the mines in copperbelt and other industries at proximity with products contained in the company product portfolio. The need for better financial management, improved sales processes, optimized procurement, and efficient inventory management were paramount for sustaining their growth trajectory.

Challenges Faced:

Namaf Consulting encountered several challenges in their day-to-day operations. The manual processes in financial management were prone to errors, sales workflows lacked agility, procurement was inefficient, and managing inventory became a logistical challenge. The need for a comprehensive and integrated solution was apparent.

The Solution:

Enter NetSuite Retail Mid-Market Cloud Service - a robust and integrated suite that promised to revolutionize Namaf Consulting's operations. The chosen modules included Financial, Sales, Procurement, and Inventory, addressing the entirety of their business processes.


The implementation process was meticulous and tailored to Namaf Consulting's unique requirements. The team at Namaf worked closely with NetSuite experts to ensure a seamless integration of the chosen modules. The transition to the new system was smooth, with minimal disruption to day-to-day activities.

Go-Live Milestone:

The defining moment came with the successful Go-Live. Namaf Consulting officially embraced the power of NetSuite, marking a new era for their business operations.

Results Achieved:
  1. Financial Precision: NetSuite's Financial module brought accuracy and transparency to Namaf Consulting's financial management, enabling real-time insights and informed decision-making.

  2. Sales Acceleration: The Sales module optimized Namaf Consulting's sales processes, resulting in increased agility, improved customer relationships, and ultimately, revenue growth.

  3. Procurement Efficiency: With NetSuite's Procurement module, Namaf Consulting streamlined their procurement processes, reducing costs and enhancing vendor relationships.

  4. Inventory Optimization: NetSuite's Inventory module provided Namaf Consulting with the tools to efficiently manage their inventory, minimizing stockouts and reducing excess holding costs.

Business Impact:

Namaf Consulting's decision to implement NetSuite proved to be a game-changer. The integrated solution not only addressed their immediate challenges but also positioned them for sustained growth in the dynamic business landscape of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Future Outlook:

With the foundations of a streamlined and integrated business operation firmly in place, Namaf Consulting is now poised to explore new horizons and expand its consulting services further. The success story of Namaf Consulting and NetSuite sets a benchmark for businesses seeking transformative solutions to elevate their operations and achieve lasting success.

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