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Axis Pay - Transforming Digital Banking in Egypt

Oracle NetSuite Go-Live

Challenges: Uploading Data History

The journey with Axis Pay began with ambitious goals for transforming the digital banking experience in Egypt. As we embarked on implementing various modules, we encountered a significant challenge - uploading the extensive historical data essential for seamless financial operations. This hurdle posed as a significant risk that could impact the the project's timeline and the overall success of the venture.

Solution Modules Implemented:

To overcome the challenges, we reviewed our project plan and resources allocations. We reassessed the priorities based on all project stakeholder expectations. We proceeded with the implementation of the key modules:

  • Financial

  • Order to Cash

  • Procure to Pay

  • Fixed Assets

Additionally, our team worked tirelessly to ensure the modules were seamlessly integrated into Axis Pay's existing infrastructure, laying the foundation for a robust and efficient digital banking platform. Through continuous monitoring and support from Catalyst’s Management, our team managed to complete the project as per the agreed timeline and on budget.


The successful implementation of Axis Pay's digital banking platform serves as a milestone and reference point for all startup projects in the industry. This project not only marked a significant achievement for Axis Pay but also stood as our inaugural venture with Netsuite in Egypt.

Results: Go-Live

We are thrilled to announce the successful Go-Live of Axis Pay's enhanced digital banking platform. Users can now experience a streamlined and efficient financial ecosystem, thanks to the collaborative efforts and dedication of both Axis Pay and our implementation team.


We sincerely thank Axis Pay for entrusting us with the vital task of enhancing their digital banking platform. This successful collaboration reinforces our commitment to advancing digital banking business in Egypt. As we celebrate this achievement, we look forward to continuing our partnership with Axis Pay and contributing to the continued success of digital banking solutions in the region.

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